EXCHANGE Volume 01, No. 1, 2023, pp. 95-100

Beiya SHI

A Study on the Green Marketing in Food Industry Based on STP Marketing Strategy- Focusing on Nestlé

Abstract: With the development of the global economy and the progress of science in recent decades, the demand for healthy, high-quality, and nutritional diets and food is ballooning dramatically. Furthermore, climate change has drawn more sight and concerns owing to the increasing number of climate disasters and intricate interests web which involved most countries in the international community. Carbon neutrality, one of the most heated topics among politicians and businesspersons, is placed on the agenda of a myriad of enterprises. Without exception, food companies must conform to the demand of consumers by launching green products and deploying green marketing strategies. To approach this theme with a scientific and detailed perspective, the STP marketing model will be applied to analyze the current market situation against Nestlé and how it capitalizes on the environmental conservation mania to earn a larger market share for itself. The report is divided into three parts. The first one will briefly introduce the backdrop of the green food market and the motivation of the research, as well as the theoretical model used in the paper. In the second part, the specific conditions in the food industry will be delineated and exemplified by Nestlé based on the STP marketing model. Lastly, the conclusion will cover some lessons drawn from Nestlé’s experiences and point out where the food industry should move forward. 

Keywords: The green marketing; STP; Nestlé.