SDGs in action

As a key component of Institute of International Exchange SDGs in Action, our SDGs Case Database attempts to build a massive information, realistic, objective and neutral database of SDGs implementation cases, which will be an ambitious engineering project in the field of social sciences.

The plans to coordinate thousands of participants in the construction of this database over the next 24-36 months, or even a longer time span until 2030.

They will come from staff, interns, and volunteers within institute of International Exchange, as well as members of our units, partners and more members of international exchanges and cooperation.

We will comprehensively collect, collate, and summarize the plans, measures, implementation feedback, phased or resultant data adopted by the 193 member states of the United Nations framework in promoting the implementation of SDGs by official or private parties.

All the information will be presented in the form of independent reports and categorized and summarized in a unified manner, and finally our SDGs Case Database will be established and continuously updated and improved.

The establishment of the SDGs Case Database is a comprehensive and powerful supplement to the existing SDGs-related information databases of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Development Program, UN Office for Sustainable Development, and other relevant agencies. We believes that this is a great initiative that will benefit the entire international community.

After completing the preliminary database construction and the sample size reaches the required value, we will invite experts and scholars in SDGs related fields to establish a joint research group to analyze and process the data, and form a guiding consultation and suggestion report. Based on its position in international exchanges, we will provide these guiding suggestions to relevant United Nations departments, relevant national official departments or private units, and social groups, in anticipation of promoting the implementation of SDGs by facilitating wider international exchanges and cooperation. It is also the original intention to initiate the SDGs in Action project.

Work on the SDGs Case Datebase has begun as planned, and we are confident that this creative initiative will be ultimately successful.

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