Educational exchange program

University Academic Forum

The University Academic Forum aims to build an academic exchange platform for experts and scholars to share academic experience and new challenges and cutting-edge research results in the field of cultural exchange.

The forum focuses on well-known universities around the world, and invites professors and scholars to attend. Through academic seminars, student forums, student friendly exchanges and other forms of exchange activities, we will deepen cooperation with universities in personnel training and academic seminars, enhance exchanges and mutual trust among students, and actively explore new modes of international academic and cultural exchanges.

Online Lectures on Talent Training for International Organizations

We invites officials from top-tier international organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union to give lectures on different topics of international organizations, aiming to cultivate more youths’ international awareness and ability to deal with international affairs, so that more people can enter international organizations and participate in global governance.

The lectures focus on what is an international organization, the characteristics and categories of international organizations, the impact of international organizations on countries and individuals, the current situation of international organization talents, etc., to help more young people improve their understanding of international organizations and global participation, and cultivate high-quality talents with international vision and competent to work in international organizations.