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Institute of International Exchange is a non-governmental and non-profit international organization. We hope to build an equal and friendly platform for exchanges and cooperation around the world.

We participate in and advocate the importance of exchanges in today’s society, including but not limited to the economy, education, energy and sustainable development, culture and arts, social security and many other fields. We promote the all-round development of global communication…. ……

Notice on the Awarding of 2022 International Cultural Ambassador Youths are important carriers of cultural exchanges and they play a […]
We were invited to the “Globalization and Anti-globalization: Problems and Countermeasures of International Cooperation in Emergency Management” forum The First […]
We were invited to participate in the Sustanable Futures – Carbon Free and Sustanable Energy in the News Geopolitical Context […]
We were invited to attend the 12 International Forum of NGOs in Official Partnership with UNESCO On December 6, 2021, […]
First Vice President of Institute of International Exchange was invited to attend the online seminar at Xiamen University, China On […]
Empirical research on low-carbon economic policies in developed countries-taking the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany as examples Since the United […]
Process of global combat desertification and its countermeasures Combat Desertification has become a worldwide problem, and stopping the expansion of […]
How to prevent and treat abuse of children, using the American and Japanese child protection systems as examples to study […]
Institute of International Exchange will build a basic database of SDGs execution cases In 2015, the United Nations launched the […]
Study and analysis on the practice of reducing the re-crime rate through Prison Reform In the early stage, we conducted […]
Risk factors and conservation measures of biodiversity from the perspective of wildlife The COVID-19 outbreak in 2019 highlights the need […]
Marine White Pollution: Exploration of International Policies and Measures The invention and use of plastic have greatly facilitated people’s lives, […]
Study on the Legal System of Marine Environmental Protection The ocean is the source of life, covering more than 71% […]
The global climate of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef bleaching reaction is worth pondering According to surveys, the Great Barrier Reef […]
Comparison of sustainable consumption and production patterns in different economies Development is the eternal theme of human society. In the […]
Explore sustainable management measures of natural resources in rural areas of the Czech Republic The Czech Republic is a landlocked […]
Housing policies for low-income groups in developing countries – a case in point: Brazil’s slum governance in Rio de Janeiro […]
Housing policies for low-income groups in developing countries – a case in point: Brazil’s slum governance in Rio de Janeiro […]
Research on the root causes and countermeasures of economic and social inequality in the United States In the past thirty […]
Ways about how Small Island Developing States (SIDS) respond to inequality According to the relevant data, the “human Development Index” […]
Research and analysis of 5G development strategy initiatives, taking the United States, China, and South Korea as examples In 2020, […]
Green infrastructure planning case studies, taking the UK and US as examples In 1999, the “GI Working Group” organized by […]
Advancing development of the cause of the disabled, and everyone can get a decent job The COVID-19 pandemic is not […]
Research on the support of green finance on sustainable economic growth As a development mode supported by sustainable development, green […]
A study and analysis of successful experiences in offshore wind power, with examples from Denmark and the UK Compared to […]
Analysis of European distributed wind power development experience for countries worldwide, taking Denmark and Germany as examples While COVID-19 is […]
Public education research on water conservation in Greater Vancouver, Canada Vancouver, Canada Vancouver in Canada has been ranked high in […]
Under the background of global water shortage, Singapore’s urban water management experience and enlightenment of “water shortage” but not “water […]
The safety of African women in the peace process – two cases in point: Burundi and Liberia A recent study […]
Research and analysis on the status quo of domestic violence suffered by Nigerian women More than a quarter of women […]