EXCHANGE Volume 02, No. 1, 2024, pp. 44-48


The Potential of Public Transport to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Urban Areas – A Singapore-Based Study

Abstract: The transportation industry as an important source of global carbon emissions has been confirmed by many authorities. This paper studies the impact of public transport on achieving carbon neutrality. After summarizing the literature review process, we have gained a lot. Some suggestions are as follows: use systematic search after screening, analysis, comparison, comprehensive extraction and summary of research methods, findings and conclusions. Based on the data of Singapore from 2004 to 2014: Public transport has a strong correlation with carbon emissions. When the indicators of public transport rise and urban carbon emissions and other pollution indicators show a downward trend, however, when the city faces the goal of carbon neutrality, there are still challenges in knowledge and data gap, funding, technology and cultural habits. Therefore, this paper puts forward suggestions to increase investment and support for public transport, formulate policies and promote technological innovation.

Keywords: Carbon neutrality, public transport, carbon emission, transportation industry, urban construction.