EXCHANGE Volume 01, No. 1, 2023, pp. 124-128


Report on Proposals for a Carbon Neutral Development Pathway in the EU

Abstract: There is now a universal understanding that addressing climate change is one of the greatest challenges confronting humanity today. In light of this, the paper focuses on the process of developing an all-encompassing, cutting-edge, practical, and logical approach to carbon neutrality in the EU. It briefly discusses the establishment of carbon neutrality throughout the world within the context of the problem of the global climate, describes the state of carbon neutrality in the EU at the present time, and discusses the current issues, the EU is facing, using the energy crisis in the winter of 2021 as an example. On this foundation, the analysis is presented from various angles, and suggestions are made, such as the increasing financial investment in carbon neutrality, looking for ongoing technological breakthroughs, attempting to take social equity into account, continuing to provide funds to developing nations, and speeding up carbon trading and pricing systems. The EU’s route toward carbon neutral development does need to be enhanced and optimized; if this is not done in a timely manner, it will not only have an adverse effect on the EU’s development but also negatively impact global carbon neutrality.

Keywords: Carbon peaks; carbon neutrality; EU; policy framework; development pathways; recommendations.