EXCHANGE Volume 01, No. 1, 2023, pp. 29-36

Gengrong JIA

The Practice and Challenges of Carbon Neutrality in the EU

Abstract: In response to the tide of global climate change, the EU has earlier put forward the goal of carbon neutrality and regarded green development as a “systematic project” that combines policy-making, technological iteration, industrial transformation, social reform and ideological construction and an important path to create “competitive advantage”. Through the analysis of EU green development, it is found that over the years, the EU has strengthened legal and policy guarantees, set up green development goals, set market rules, regulate enterprise behavior, put forward a series of transformation goals and development plans, and played a pioneering role in the international climate policy. We should support green technology innovation, establish a variety of research and development mechanisms, and invest a large amount of public finance to realize the renewal and iteration of green technology. Build a self-sufficient green industrial chain system, break through all links of the industrial chain, and gradually form a green industrial chain system suitable for the future; We will leverage the synergistic effect of finance and soft power to create sustainable demand for green development in the whole society. Despite many obstacles, the EU started green development early, is systematic and has plenty of room for strategic manoeuvre. In the future, a series of measures can be taken to address this problem. Promoting green development and building a new round of global competitive edge will be an unwavering strategic choice of the EU.

Keywords: Green development; carbon neutral; the European Union; policy framework.