EXCHANGE Volume 01, No. 1, 2023, pp. 129-133

Haiyang ZHANG

Marine Carbon Sink Research in China

Abstract: Since the Industrial Revolution, a large amount of carbon dioxide has been emitted by human activities, which has aggravated climate change and caused a series of environmental and social problems, threatening the sustainable development of human society. The key to dealing with these changes is to achieve carbon neutrality, which includes “emission reduction” and “replenishment”. As a large carbon emitter and a developing country, China should try its best to reduce emissions and at the same time increase foreign exchange, that is, develop negative emission technologies and ways. The ocean is the largest active carbon pool on Earth, with abundant carbon sink resources and huge negative emission potential. The theoretical research on China Ocean carbon sink is at the forefront of the world and is expected to play an important role in implementing the national carbon neutrality strategy. This paper introduces carbon sink products such as:coastal wetland and their trading.

Keywords: Carbon sink products; blue carbon; coastal wetland.