EXCHANGE Volume 02, No. 1, 2024, pp. 56-59

Jiaming WU

The Development of Various Industries in the Context of Carbon Neutrality

Abstract: In order to mitigate climate change, protect ecosystems and biodiversity, promote sustainable development, achieve economic stability and growth, and promote global cooperation and sustainable development, major industries around the world are undergoing significant changes in the context of carbon neutrality. Among them, there are significant changes in the renewable energy industry, electric vehicle industry, sustainable construction industry, agriculture and industrial sector. In these industries, most of them are trying to get closer to the goal of carbon neutrality through continuous technological innovation and changes in production and operation methods. These changes will bring new growth opportunities to the global economy, create more green jobs, and drive technological innovation and cross-industry cooperation. Achieving carbon neutrality requires a global effort to build a solid foundation for a more sustainable world through cooperation and innovation.

Keywords: Renewable energy industry; electric vehicle (EV) industry; sustainable construction industry; agriculture industry; industrial sector; a global effort.