EXCHANGE Volume 01, No. 1, 2023, pp. 88-94

Jiaying RONG

Carbon neutrality pathways for universities: a case study of the UK university carbon management plan

Abstract: Our life and production have been seriously threatened by the problem of global warming. Global warming has become an important problem in the world. It urgently needs to be solved and carbon emissions urgently need to be lowered. Over the past years in China, higher education had rapid development. There is no doubt that colleges and universities have become large consumers of energy. So, if we can reduce carbon emissions, our society will certainly benefit. This paper focuses on the analysis and summary of the carbon management plan in British universities, hoping to be helpful to the future development of carbon management and carbon neutrality in domestic universities after the accounting of carbon emissions.

Keywords: Higher education institutions; accounting for carbon emissions; IPCC factor method; carbon management.