EXCHANGE Volume 02, No. 1, 2024, pp. 81-88

Lingyan FAN

The Impact of NGO on the Ecological Protection

Abstract: This article studies the impact of non-governmental organizations on the ecological protection of the Serrado grassland. In order to protect the Serrado Grassland and effectively delay climate change, many social groups and enterprises launched an appeal and jointly issued a declaration, trying to prevent the agricultural and fragmentation of the Serrado savanna through the alliance of non-governmental organizations. We predict that such measures are effective and can avoid excessive development of the Serrado grassland. However, after data comparison, it was found that simply signing the declaration did not have a significant impact on the grassland area. It may be necessary to cooperate with financial policies such as bank interest rates and government mandatory intervention in an independent market to effectively play a role.

Keywords: NGO; ecological protection; Serrado grassland; agriculture; supply chain.