EXCHANGE Volume 02, No. 1, 2024, pp. 93-97

Meihui LI

Analysis of Sustainable Development Issues in the Fashion Industry

Abstract: With the proposal of the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, China’s clothing industry has entered the sustainable development stage of industrial transformation and upgrading. The article analyzes the sustainable fashion development of the global clothing industry under the dual carbon goal from three aspects: the relationship between the dual carbon goal and the sustainable development of China’s clothing industry, the meaning of sustainable fashion, the principles and concepts of sustainable fashion design, and the practices, difficulties, and paths of sustainable development of the global clothing industry. With the rapid development of the social economy, environmental pollution has become increasingly serious, and sustainable development has received widespread attention from all sectors of society. Faced with the serious environmental pollution problem in the fashion industry, many fashion companies are gradually applying the concept of sustainable development to supply chain operations.

Keywords: Climate change; carbon neutrality; policy recommendations; fashion industry.