EXCHANGE Volume 01, No. 1, 2023, pp. 134-139

Xiaoyan ZHAO

Digital Technology Helps EU Eco-city Conduction The Eco-city Conduction Achieves Carbon Neutrality

Abstract: Digital technology can digitally collect and store, deeply integrate and mine, dynamically monitor and process, and comprehensively transmit and distribute various kinds of information about the city’s geographical environment, infrastructure, natural resources, ecological environment, population distribution, cultural landscape, social and economic status, etc. (Liao, 2011).

Integrate the digital technology into the construction of ecological city, and facilitate the urban resource and energy subsystem, the ecological settlement environment subsystem, and the ecological industry subsystem to be designed more scientifically and greenly. Meanwhile, utilize the digital technology to construct urban model and basic information platform, and build professional application model base, rule base and corresponding application systems suitable for different functional departments of the city. It will assist the government in making macro-decision and ensuring the allocation and daily supervision of the energy and resources, and then contribute to a carbon neutral city finally.

Keywords: digital technology; Eco-city; carbon neutrality.