EXCHANGE Volume 02, No. 1, 2024, pp. 08-16

Yanzhuo CHEN

Fighting a Global Scourge: The Rise of Anti – Greenwashing Efforts Across Borders

Abstract: Deceptive environmental marketing, also known as “greenwashing,” has prompted governments along with other stakeholders to step up their efforts to counteract it globally. This paper presents a general summary of greenwashing, its effects on consumers and the countermeasures several nations have taken. It cites issues with and weaknesses in existing strategies, including insufficient enforcement mechanisms and consumer awareness. In order to improve anti-greenwashing initiatives, the analysis emphasizes the significance of improving regulatory frameworks, accountability, and transparency, empowering consumers through education and digital technologies, and fostering international cooperation. The most recent studies on responsible business behavior, public policy, and sustainable consumerism have influenced this paper’s conclusions. In light of the urgency of confronting climate change and the global objective of carbon neutrality, this paper highlights the vitality of these findings. The topic of sustainable development and the value of cooperation and creativity in solving this problem continues to go on, and this study contributes to the conversation.

Keywords: Carbon neutrality; greenwashing; sustainable consumerism; international cooperation.