Arabic Learning Course

Speaking of Arabia, what do you think of it? Is it mysterious Egypt nurtured by ancient culture, or the desirable luxury center Dubai? When you deeply understand and study Arabic, you will find that every character, every long sentence, and every expression of the Arabic language is the crystallization of the long history of the Arab nation and the epitome of the vast culture of the Arab world.

In addition to traditional school face-to-face learning, more and more Arabic language enthusiasts prefer time-saving and convenient online learning. We meticulously planned the “Arabic Online Teaching Course” to integrate language and culture. The course covers the basics of Arabic, starting with the alphabet and vowel system, learning nouns and adjectives, as well as all conjugations of verbs. At the end of the course, students will be able to use Arabic for basic communication.

Arabic Learning Course,
learn the purest Arab culture

“Arabic Online Teaching Course” draws extensively on excellent Arabic textbooks, pays attention to relevant social and cultural knowledge and basic scientific common sense, and cultivates the content of ideological and moral quality, cultural quality, and psychological quality, and strives to be reasonable in structure, rich in content, and strong in practicality. It has the breath of the times and cultural connotations. The course adopts the method of recording and broadcasting video, and it can be learned after the course is released, regardless of time and geographical restrictions. The whole multimedia interactive courseware format is suitable for any network, and listening to the class is smooth.

Course Highlights

  • Learn the pure pronunciation and correct spelling of Arabic letters
  • Master the standard writing and writing rules of Arabic
  • Master the basic words of Arabic, and be able to have simple daily communication with Arabs

We have always been at the forefront of promoting language diversity and hopes to promote cross-cultural communication and mutual learning among civilizations through this course. We are willing to work hand in hand with all sectors of society to continuously promote exchanges, cooperation, and mutual learning among different languages and cultures in the era of rapid development of modern technology and network technology.