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Chinese Learning Class (Level 1)


HSK Standard Course 1 is composed of 14 lessons, covering 150 words and 45 language points in HSK (Level 1). Except Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 focusing on pronunciation, each of the rest lessons centers on a topic in three situations, each with 1-2 dialogues. Each lesson teaches 10-15 new words and presents notes on 3-4 language points.


HSK Standard Course 1 is suitable for learners of Chinese without systematic Chinese learning experience and those who are going to take the HSK Level 1 test.


The teaching goal of the HSK Standard Course 1 is to enable learners to understand and use some simple words and sentences, which meet specific communication needs, and enable learners to have the ability to further their Chinese studies.

Video Content

Thank you-2
What’s your name-3
She is my Chinese teacher-4
Her daughter is 20 years old this year-5
I can speak Chinese-6
What’s the date today-7
I’d like some tea-8
Where does your son work-9
Can I sit here-10
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