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Chinese Learning Class (Level 2)


HSK Standard Course 2 is composed of 15 lessons. Centering on one task-based theme in four situations, each lesson teaches an average of 10-15 new words and 2-4 language points. HSK Standard Course 2 was designed strictly abiding by the 300 words required in the Syllabus (Level 2), including the 150 words of Level 1. Only 14 words in this Course are not included in the Syllabus, and basically all of them are Level 3 words.


HSK Standard Course 2 is suitable for students who have mastered approximately 150 words, or those who are going to take the HSK Level 2 test.


As the second course of this series, HSK Standard Course 2 is designed based on the concepts of compilation and stylistic layout of HSK Standard Course I with its difficulty and depth being increased.

Video Content

September is the best time to visit Beijing-1
I get up at six every day-2
The red one on the left is mine-3
He recommended me for this job-4
Take this one-5
Why don’t you eat more-6
Do you live far from your company-7
Let me think about it and I’ll tell you later-8
There were too many questions; I didn’t finish all of them-9
Stop looking for your cell phone; It’s on the desk-10
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