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Chinese Learning Class (Level 3)


HSK Standard Course 3 is composed of 20 lessons. Each lesson is divided into four scenes, the average number of new words in each lesson is 12 times 21, and the language point is 2 points. This tutorial covers all language points and vocabulary in the HSK (level 3) outline.


HSK Standard Course 3 is suitable for students who have mastered approximately 300 words, or those who are going to take the HSK Level 3 test.


As the third course in the series of teaching materials, this textbook basically inherits the writing ideas and styles of "HSK Standard Course 1" and HSK Standard Course 2 ", each of which extends in difficulty and depth, and increases the knowledge of old words and new words, Chinese characters and common idioms.

Video Content

What’s your plan for the weekend?-1
When will he come back-2
There are plenty of Drinks on the table-3
She always smiles when talking to customers-4
I am getting fatter and fatter lately-5
Why are they suddenly missing-6
I’ve known her for five years-7
I’ll go wherever you go-8
She speaks Chinese like a native-9
Maths is much harder than history-10
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