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Chinese Learning Class (Level 4)


HSK Standard Course 4 is composed of 40 lessons. By finishing the HSK Standard Course, learners can master 600 HSK (Level 4) words and 100 language points, and distinguish the similarities and differences of 20 easily confused language points.


HSK Standard Course 4 is suitable for students who have mastered approximately 600 words, or those who are going to take the HSK Level 4 test.


As the fourth course of this series, HSK Standard Course 4 is designed with difficulty and depth being increased, and it adds modules such as Compare-Comparative Analysis of Language Points, etc.

Video Content

Simple love-1
A true friend-2
I’ve made a good impression on the manager-3
Don't be anxious to make money-4
Buy the right, not the expensive-5
The higher the price, the better the quality-6
The best doctor is yourself-7
Beauty is not rare in life-8
The sun will shine again after the storm-9
Standards of happiness-10
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