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Chinese Learning Class (Level 5)


HSK Standard Course 5 is composed of 36 lessons. By finishing the HSK Standard Course 5, learners can master 1300 HSK (Level 5) words and 110 language points, and distinguish the similarities and differences of 36 easily confused language points.


HSK Standard Course 5 is suitable for students who have mastered approximately 1200 words, or those who are going to take the HSK Level 5 test.


HSK Standard Course 5 basically inherits the writing ideas and style of the first four levels of HSK Standard Course, and extends it in difficulty, depth and breadth. Meanwhile, it makes corresponding design adjustments according to the characteristics of HSK Level 5 test.

Video Content

Details of Love-1
Leaving a Bunch of Keys to Our Parents-2
Having Choices in Life Makes Change Possible-3
Zilu Carrying Rice-4
Spring Water in Ji'nan-5
Origin of Chuxi-6
Two Idiom Stories-7
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