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Module IV - Sectoral and economy wide low carbon and energy transformation pathways

4.1: Overview and scenario description

4.2: Energy supply

4.3: Buildings

Seminar Module IV (1): A discussion on cities that are on the path to carbon neutrality. A roadmap for the rest of the world?

Activity Module IV (1): Research present and future methods that are implemented in the planning and construction of carbon neutral buildings. 

4.4: Transportation

4.5: Industry

4.6: Non-CO₂ emitting sectors

4.7: Land resources

Seminar Module IV (2): Discussion on the harmful effects of industrial pollution, covering aspects such as climate change, the environment, and health and wellbeing of individuals.

Activity Module IV (2): Research how individual consumers can change the manufacturing industry. 

4.8: Towards negative emissions

4.9: Economy wide greenhouse gas emission pathways

4.10: Economic aspects of energy transformation and decarbonisation pathways

Seminar Module IV (3): Seminar on the sectors of the green economy. Renewable energy, green buildings, sustainable transport, water management, waste management, land management.

Activity Module IV (3): Research the new job opportunities in the context of a green economy.