Research on the support of green finance on sustainable economic growth


As a development mode supported by sustainable development, green finance is the trend of future economic development, and it’s development has attracted the attention of many countries.

Green finance refers to the protection of the ecological environment and the treatment of environmental pollution in financial business activities, and promotes the sustainable development of society through the guidance of social and economic resources. Compared with traditional finance, the most prominent feature is that it attaches more emphasis on the survival and environmental benefits of human society. It emphasizes the coordinated development of financial activities, environmental protection, and ecological balance, and ultimately achieves sustainable economic and social development.

The Green economy is a brand-new concept, which enables people to live in harmony with nature and sustainably develop. The development of green finance has an irreplaceable role, and it has gradually become an important concept for the development of modern financial industry. How to establish a high-efficient, market-oriented green financial system has important practical significance for promoting sustainable economic development.

The implementation of green finance is an inevitable choice. Although the economic benefits of environmental governance are generally difficult to reflect in a short period and require a long-term process to achieve, the long-term benefits it brings are immeasurable. The global legal system for green finance has already taken action. The United States first proposed the concept of “green finance” in the late 1990s, and pioneered the combination of environmental factors with financial innovation, assessing environmental risks in financial activities, and developed many successful environmental financial products. Western European countries such as Germany have unearthed recycling production lines with substantial short-term income in green projects such as garbage recycling.

While in Asia, Japan and Korea’s green finance are also working hard on their respective development tracks, and at the same time showing some representation of the current global practice of green finance. Japan’s green finance mainly promotes green transformation development by enacting comprehensive green financial laws, increasing investment in environmental protection industries, and advocating socially responsible investments. South Korean’s green finance mainly involves formulating transformational development strategies, supporting the development of industries, participating in international financial cooperation, and creating conditions for the development of green finance.

We will take the sustainable development of green finance as the goal, and strive to create more economic value, social and environmental value in the process of daily work, and promote the development of green finance in the world.