International Carbon Neutrality Traineeship Program (EU)

This training consists of two sections, which are the training session led by three training instructors and the training paper (this part is an additional module, selected by the applicant). Among them, the training content is divided into six modules. Through learning, applicants will understand the advanced model of the EU in the field of carbon neutrality and provide a more reasonable reference plan for global sustainable development.

Traineeship mentor: Lavinia Fratila, Florin Botonogu, Liviu Carstoiu

The time required to complete the training is 13 weeks

Please download the handouts, PPTs and information packages required on the day of the training at least one day in advance.

The training video will be uploaded to this website on the day of the training.

Training Content

Module I – “Paris Agreement” Analysis and Presentation Meeting

Module II – The EU emission reduction and energy transition action analysis and simulation training

Module III – Impact Of Current Policies Beyond 2030

Module IV – Sectoral and economy wide low carbon and energy transformation pathways

Module V – Cross-cutting factors analysis

Module VI – Symposium on Roles and responsibilities of different EU actors

Add-on Modules

Add-on Modules