Notice on the Awarding of 2022 International Cultural Ambassador

Youths are important carriers of cultural exchanges and they play a key role in promoting linguistic and cultural diversity in the world. With the acceleration of the process of global integration, cross-language and cross-cultural communication has become the mainstream of the development of the current international society. To build a bridge of cultural exchange and integration, youths are now supposed to shoulder more responsibility than ever.

Institute of International Exchange have been in the process of electing the Honorary Title of 2022 International Cultural Ambassador work, aiming to encourage the youth of the world to hold a global perspective and an open mind to seek commonalities and resonances between cultures. The following notice is given:

Why and Visions

Language is the carrier of culture and the tool of human thinking. Based on the six official languages of the United Nations (Chinese, English, French, Russian, Arabic and Spanish), we gather young people from all over the world, deeply explores the connotation of international cultural exchanges of The Times, and builds a diversified platform for international youth to strengthen exchanges and mutual learning through international conferences and joint studies. Youths of the world can carry out high-level international cultural exchanges and cooperation, and actively explore new modes of international cultural communication through the platform built by us. The International Cultural Ambassador Honorary Title represents the encouragement and recognition of international society and Institute of International Exchange for those youths.

We hope that youthful talents will open up their minds through cultural exchanges and mutual learning, so as to develop international perspectives and cross-cultural communication capabilities, as well as inject youthful vitality into the reform of the global humanistic governance system.

Entitlements of the International Cultural Ambassador Honorary Title

1.To receive an Honorary Certificate from the Institute of International Exchange.

2.Opportunities to attend international conferences held by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Asian Development Bank and other organizations (Within 2023).

3.The rights to access Institute of International Exchagne’s email until December 31, 2023.

4.Priority is given to being employed by us when there is a vacancy.

Method of Awarding the International Cultural Ambassador Honorary Title

To ensure that the assessment is broadly representative, we will assess applicants against the eligibility criteria, taking into account factors such as region of nationality and professional background. The specific process is as follows:

1.Applicants should submit the following materials to the secretariat of Institute of International Exchange:

  • CV
  • 3-5 minutes of video

The video should include but is not limited to the following directions:

  • Self-introduction;
  • The identification and understanding of the local culture;
  • Introduce one representative thing of the country you are in;
  • Invite 2-3 peers to record “What do people around me think of me?” (including but not limited to: brief evaluation of the applicant; Recommend reasons, such as analysis of why the applicant is suitable for the honorary title of International Cultural Ambassador; Whether the applicant participated in international cultural communication activities during the university). 

*Application materials should be written in English. Applicants should ensure that the materials are true and accurate. Please submit all of the application materials to

2.Application period: November 1- November 15, 2022.

* The deadline for submission of application materials will be November 15, 2022. Interested students should submit their materials before then.

3.Announcement of the selected candidates: November 30, 2022.

4.Awarding time: December 15, 2022.

At here, youths from all over the world use language as a bridge to cross the boundaries of space. I believe that in the future, this cultural bridge will become stronger and stronger, and extend countless “branches” to connect all corners of the world. 


* The final decision-making and interpretation rights belong to the Institute of International Exchange.