Notice on the Awarding of the 2024 SDGs International Youth Honorary Title

Youths take the responsibility to pursue a better future life for mankind. The UN Secretary-General António Guterres once pointed out that, “Meaningful, diverse, and effective youths participation is essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.” Youths are given the chance and time to bring ideas to the table regarding facilitating the achievement of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Institute of International Exchange has been in the process of electing the Honorary Title of 2024 SDGs International Youth work, aiming to encourage young people worldwide to devote themselves to promoting sustainable development in the international community. The following notice is given:

Why and Visions

Youths are the hope of the future. They are urgently needed to contribute their active thinking and provide innovative solutions to improve global governance with the circumstances of high-level globalization and severe climate change.

We focuses primarily on discussing a variety of agendas such as carbon neutrality, green development, international exchange and cooperation, multicultural integration. These agendas are globalized with multilateral and multi-angle approaches. The agendas might be examined in the form of an international conference, an international forum, or cooperative research to fulfill IIE’s role as the place offered for youths to exchange their ideas and views to promote global advances. In this way, youths are able to build an active international network to gather more international, youthful and diversified innovative thinking for global affairs, so as to make great contributions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs International Youth Honorary Title represents the recognition and encouragement of international society and IIE for those youths.

We hopes that youthful talents with different civilization and professional backgrounds can work jointly in the long run and play a unique role in international exchange and cooperation and inject the power of youths for global development and progress.

Entitlements of the SDGs International Youth Honorary Title

  • To receive an Honorary Certificate from the Institute of International Exchange.
  • Opportunities to attend international conferences held by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the United Nations Environment Programme and other UN organizations (During 2024.5-2025.5).
  • The rights to access Institute of International Exchange’s email until May 31, 2025.
  • Priority is given to being employed by Institute of International Exchange when there is a vacancy.

Method of Awarding the SDGs International Youth Honorary Title

To ensure that the assessment is broadly representative, we will assess applicants against the eligibility criteria, taking into account factors such as region of nationality and professional background.

1.Applicants should submit the following materials to the secretariat of Institute of International Exchange:

 · CV

 · One Self Recommendation Letter

 · Two Peer Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters should include but are not limited to the following directions:

An overall evaluation of the applicant;

Reasons for recommendation (analyzing why the applicant is suitable for the SDGs International Youth Honorary Title based on the current international situation);

Do you think the applicant can balance his/her studies time and actively grasp the opportunity to participate in important international conferences, and contribute to global governance as a youth?

From the perspective of referee, please list the applicant’s efforts to improve his/her intercultural communicative competence and global competence during his/her college years.

* Application materials should be written in English. Applicants should ensure that the materials are true and accurate. Please submit all of the application materials to

2.Application period: April 18 – April 28, 2024.

* The deadline for submission of application materials will be April 28, 2024. Interested students should submit their materials before then.

3.Announcement of the selected candidates: April 29, 2024.

4.Awarding time: May 10, 2024.

We expects that youths can become a driving force to make the world a better place in the future!

* The final decision-making and interpretation rights belong to Institute of International Exchange.