Romanian Learning Course

If we compare Romanian to something, we compare it to a piece of traditional classical music. Romanian retains most of the ingredients of Latin. Compared to other languages derived from Latin, Romanian continues the characteristics of Latin. Coupled with its combination of musical sounds and consonants, it is compared to “traditional classical Le” that couldn’t be more appropriate.

With the purpose of promoting and improving Romanian language teaching and communication, we have developed a complete set of systematic “Romanian Online Teaching Courses”. This course adopts the bilingual compound curriculum system of “Romanian + English”. The curriculum is reasonable, and it focuses on the coordinated development of knowledge, ability and quality. We provides support and a platform for friends from all over the world who love Romanian culture, and leads everyone to explore the mysteries of the Romanian language.

Romanian Learning Course,
learn the purest Romanian culture

The content of “Romanian Online Teaching Course” is scientifically arranged, including basic Romanian language, advanced Romanian language, audio-visual, oral language, Romanian language writing, selected readings of Romanian literature, and Romanian national conditions. To enable students of the course to master Romanian, and to become talents with a solid language foundation, high humanities and innovation consciousness in the future. Course teachers use the international common language English as the teaching language to reduce the difficulty for beginners to understand language knowledge.

Course Highlights

  • The practicality and timeliness of the content. The sentence patterns, texts, example sentences, exercises, etc. are carefully designed to be as close to the needs of real life and communication as possible. It is easy to master during the study and easy to apply after studying.
  • Systematic and professional knowledge. Difficulties are scattered in the handling of grammar items, from the shallower to the deeper, alternately and repeatedly, so that students can firmly grasp the basic skills of using Romanian. Intensively speaking and practicing key words, and the design of exercises is as diverse as possible, including systematic training in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation.
  • The accuracy and standardization of language. The language used in the textbook complies with modern Romanian norms.

It is hoped that by providing online teaching courses for people interested in Romanian around the world, while helping them expand their knowledge and horizons, they can promote the cultivation of international talents, promote wider international exchanges and cooperation, and actively explore new ideas in promoting the integration of world cultures.