Spanish Learning Course

Every country in the world has its characteristics, and what makes Spain unique is its tolerance and diversity. Located at the junction of Europe and Africa, facing the American continent across the sea, the natural blend of different cultures has left this country with rich cultural treasures. Spain has the third-largest number of UN World Heritage Sites in the world.

As countries in the world continue to strengthen their links with Spain and Latin America in the fields of economy, politics, and culture, society’s demand for Spanish-speaking talents is also increasing sharply. More and more people hope to master the language through self-study. We specially launched the “Spanish Online Course” to help self-students to master the basic common sentence patterns in a short time and reach the level of communication in the language.

Spanish Learning Course,
learn the purest Spanish culture

The textbook language of “Spanish Online Teaching Course” is standardized, and the articles are contemporary and interesting. Fully consider the characteristics of public foreign language learners and self-learners, and have strong pertinence. Each lesson revolves around one or two themes. The articles are short, the explanations are concise, the pictures and texts are abundant, the vocabulary recurrence rate is high, the example sentences are sufficient, and it is easy to understand and remember. Organize listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation activities around the theme of each lesson. The various forms of exercises encourage students to improve their language skills in the process of active thinking and conscious participation.

Course Highlights

  • Scene-based immersive learning: multi-scenario theme and interesting learning, quickly master knowledge points and application methods
  • Free learning time: record and broadcast courses, learn anytime and anywhere, regardless of time
  • Efficient and immersive environment: “Spanish + English” Pisces teaching mode, cultivates students’ sense of Spanish and thinking

Through international cultural exchanges, tourism, investment and trade, and other activities, Spanish has played a role as a cultural link and strengthened international exchanges and cooperation among Spanish speakers. We hopes to promote and spread Spanish and Spanish culture activities to cultivate international Spanish language and culture talents, maintain the standardization of Spanish, and promote related cultural exchanges and dissemination