Chinese Learning Course

With the acceleration of globalization, international Chinese education has become a two-way demand of many countries, which also proves the importance of teaching Chinese as a foreign language to the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

With the purpose of promoting and improving international Chinese teaching and communication, we have jointly developed a complete set of systematic Chinese teaching courses with Chinese partners. The course covers all the content of the Chinese standard textbook HSK1-HSK6, from elementary to proficient, with a total vocabulary of over 5000 and planned teaching of 166 class hours. We provide support and a platform for friends from all over the world who love Chinese culture and Chinese, leads people to study the mysteries of Chinese and appreciate the charm of Chinese culture, and builds a bridge of friendship for the people of the world and a platform for the integration of international cultures.

Chinese Learning Course,
learn the purest Chinese culture

The Chinese Learning Course is based on the “HSK Standard Course”. The full set of courses consists of six volumes and a total of 166 class hours. The first three volumes of the course are updated synchronously every Friday, a total of six class hours, and each class duration is about 60 minutes, including explanations and exercises of new words, language points, and texts. The content arrangement is scientific and reasonable, the practice design is rich and practical, and the display form is lively and vivid. Teachers use English as the teaching language to reduce the difficulty for beginners to understand language knowledge.

Chinese Learning Course 1

HSK Standard Course 1 is composed of 14 lessons, covering 150 words and 45 language points in HSK (Level 1)……

Chinese Learning Course 2

HSK Standard Course 2 is composed of 15 lessons. Centering on one task-based theme in four situations, each lesson……

Chinese Learning Course 3

HSK Standard Course 3 is composed of 20 lessons. Each lesson is divided into four scenes, the average number of new words in …….

Chinese Learning Course 4

HSK Standard Course 4 is composed of 40 lessons. By finishing the HSK Standard Course, learners can master 600 HSK (Level 4) …….

Chinese Learning Course 5

HSK Standard Course 5 is composed of 36 lessons. By finishing the HSK Standard Course 5, learners can master 1300 HSK (Level 5) words…….

Chinese Learning Course 6

HSK Standard Course 6 is composed of 40 lessons. Each lesson is divided into four scenes, the average number of new words in each…….

The Chinese Learning Course has been updated to Book 6, Section 11

Course Highlights

  • The course is designed for students who have no prior knowledge of Chinese and who have some basic knowledge of Chinese
  • The language of instruction is English, and the grammar teaching is concise and easy to understand
  • The content of the course is from simpler to the deeper, and the course format is lively and vivid
  • The contents of Chinese characters and cultural introduction are novel and interesting
  • There are hundreds of practice and test questions in various forms